Executive Director of Visionary Group Co., Ltd.
and Co-Founder of Visionary Studio Co., Ltd.

As Executive Director of the Visionary Group Co., Ltd.,

Thipaporn Trakulpoonsub is the key person to contribute in the concept development, productions
and management of Visionary. She plays important role in determining the company’s
development strategy. In 2007, she founded Visionary Studio Co., Ltd., so as to support and control the quality of the photography productions and brought Visionary to become one-stop service for print advertising. Currently, she also contributes in developing the concept and creative ideas for promoting
Visionary works and Advertising Newspaper winning both national and international awards.

Prior to join Visionary, she co-conceptualized the Art Project, “ The Return to Innocence”
with Chutivat Cherdchoo during doing MSc. in the Faculty of economics at London School of Economics.
Since 2005, the project has been donated and included in the British Library
and Victoria and Albert museum.

With her academic background and working experiences in various fields;
i.e., research industry, political arena, creative field, branding and advertising agency,
she is determined to assist the clients of different industries to achieve their specific goals
through creative works that must be tailored and well-balanced of the creativity,
aestheticism and the art of strategic marketing.